Aging and skin health are related issues since aging skin (sagging, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, and so on) is most visible. Aging causes our bodies’ cells to break down faster, unlike the way they did in our youth. Cells do not renew at the previous rates they did, and die off faster than they regenerate. One way to protect the skin and refresh its health is through the consumption of the amino acid carnitine.

Anti-aging amino acids like carnitine for skin health

People tend to associate getting old with physical beauty, such as wrinkled skin, shiny hair or hair growth (especially out of the ears and nose, or on other parts of the body), or even healthy nails. Allergic reactions can also play a role for skin health as infections and circulation (oxygen supply) affect the complexion, sagginess, or ruddy-skin look with pore size. Carnitine can help with this.

Anti-aging amino acids like arginine and carnitine, which form creatine, support healthy skin. There are anti-aging amino acids in some “amino acid creams” as well, but eating raw foods is one of the most essential keys to keeping the skin hydrated and healthy and elastic and youthful. Remember to stay away from too much sun as UV (ultraviolet) rays can damage and dry out the skin, and free radicals in the environment can reduce skin elasticity, which causes wrinkles.

Carnitine burns fat and produces energy

Carnitine (L-carnitine) is of the most important anti-aging amino acids because it helps transfer fat to energy. Many people, as they age, start gaining weight, especially around the middle, as in the “spare tire” look in the gut area.

Keeping fit and involving oneself in sports and walking and outdoor or some type of activity plays an important role in burning fat, just like the involvement of carnitine. Many fitness programs promote the use of amino acid supplements like carnitine, which can also be gained through diet via protein foods such as eggs, meats, or fish.

Please talk to your doctor or naturopath before supplementing or altering your diet to include more carnitine. Carnitine may just help you reinvigorate your skin and help you look healthy and more youthful!