Amino Acid Information Center, a service provided by Vancouver, BC-based National Nutraceuticals continues to grow rapidly.  August was a record month for the service, both in terms of number of visitors and page views.  The visitor count went up by 6.5%.  In the last six months, Amino Acid Information Center has increased the number of its monthly readers by 660%!

“Amino Acid Information Center is an information service focusing exclusively on the health benefits of amino acids. We want to provide you with the latest news and research relating to amino acids and amino acid therapies.  Instead of having to rely on dietary supplement companies’ marketing claims, or go through multiple scientific websites full of clinical trial data and other medical information, we do the work for you and place all that information under one roof… in plain English,” says Jukka Tolonen, Vice President of National Nutraceuticals, Inc., the company behind the increasingly popular service.