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Low Phenylalanine Diet and Cancer Patients

More information on the incredibly complex nature of cancer. Diets which limit tumor growth in animal models did not have the same positive effect on humans in a European pilot study. Diets without enough protein (that provide amino acids) like junk food that have low tyrosine and low phenylalanine were studied…

Advanced cancer is cancer which has spread, or metastasized, and may no longer be responding to treatment. Some cancers, such as brain cancers, are considered advanced cancer even if they haven’t spread. The cancer is not curable at this stage.

There are some treatment options, however, which focus on controlling the cancer and managing cancer symptoms, so the patient can feel as good as possible for as long as possible. Limiting the spread of cancer is one of the goals, including controlling tumor growth.

Low tyrosine and low phenylalanine diets

Researchers M Harvie, I Campbell, et al, with the University Department of Medical Oncology, South Manchester University Hospitals NHS Trust, Manchester, UK, hoped there would be a correlation between the results of an animal trial and a human trial in regards to low tyrosine and low phenylalanine.

A low tyrosine and low phenylalanine diet was successful in limiting tumor growth in animal models. These are both amino acids. Tyrosine is made in the body from phenylalanine, and is crucial to general metabolism. It has a strong antidepressant effect.

The researchers developed a pilot study to test the low tyrosine and low phenylalanine diet, which was offered to human volunteers with advanced cancer. Three patients with metastatic melanoma and three patients with metastatic breast cancer agreed to try the diet for one month.

Results were disappointing. All patients experienced negative side effects. They reported increased levels of anxiety and depression due to the low tyrosine diet. Some patients also lost weight. There was a slight increase in white cell counts, but not significantly.

The researchers concluded that low tyrosine and low phenylalanine diets are not a viable treatment for people with advanced cancer.



Benefits of Taurine

There seems to be a connection between the amino acid Taurine and diabetes, representing yet another health benefit of Taurine amino acids. You see, antioxidants have been clinically shown to protect against diabetes and Taurine amino acid that is a powerful antioxidant that can help from those vulnerable to type 2 diabetes.

Taurine Benefits for Diabetics

Subjects given amino acid Taurine and tiotaurine showed improved kidney function and a decreased in all signs of diabetes, including hypo and hyperglycemia.  For people battling diabetes, measuring blood sugar levels can be an all-consuming part of their lives.  Blood sugar levels are affected by illnesses even as mild as a cold or other infection and cause a range of symptoms from fatigue and dehydration to death.  Having a blood sugar reading that is off can also damage organs such as eyes, heart and kidneys.

About one third of people who have had diabetes for fifteen years will develop kidney disease.  Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney disease. The tiny blood vessels that transport wastes through the kidneys are quickly destroyed by high glucose levels. The kidneys are filters that are meant to remove waste and fluids and if the blood vessels become damaged the waste products build up in the body instead voiding from the body.

Taurine can help with such wide spread complications of diabetes. Taurine is produced by your body and you can get more by eating foods like meats and seafood. Taking taurine amino acid dietary supplements can ensure that you get the health benefits that it offers, especially if you suffer from diabetes.  Improving the health of your blood vessels is beneficial for everyone but it is necessary for the quality of life of diabetics.  This important health benefit of taurine amino acid is one that can decrease dependency on dialysis and the degradation of the many organs affected by diabetes and inhibited blood flow.

Look for a high quality taurine supplement to take advantage of the many health benefits of Taurine! For more information of the health benefits of Taurine, especially as it relates to diabetes, click the attached link to the scientific study.



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Amino Acid Taurine and Blood Pressure – New Way to Lower Blood Pressure?

Important news about the amino acid Taurine and blood pressure.  Cardiovascular health in men may be improved by the amino acid taurine, which may help lower blood pressure. Taurine is important for modulating cardiovascular function because it acts within the brain, affecting neurotransmitter receptor sites, as well as within peripheral tissues.

At the Center for Developmental Neuroscience at the City University of New York Graduate School, AE Idrissi, E Okeke, et al., did a study on male rats where IV injection of taurine caused tachycardia as well as hypotension. The Long-Evans control rats were freely moving, and a mere single injection of the amino acid taurine “significantly lowered the systolic, diastolic, and mean arterial blood pressure.”

Aortic rings in the heart triggered GABA receptors by circulating GABA or taurine

In the study  it was taurine that was confirmed for its vasoactive properties using isolated preparations of the aortic rings. The pharmacological agents produced measurable mechanical responses of the aortic rings; it was found that the taurine caused an activated tonic-like effect of GABA-A receptors when either GABA or taurine were circulated.

This came as no surprise since previously it had been shown that taurine does indeed activate GABA-A receptors in the brain, which produces an apparent physiological response implying that “GABA(A)receptor activation is the relaxation of the arterial muscularis, vasodilation, and [causes] a decrease in blood pressure.”

Taurine has different effects on blood pressure depending on dosage… and gender!

This is where the study became interesting! There was evidently a difference between small steady doses of amino acid taurine supplementation (0.05% for four weeks) when taurine was put into the drinking water… it actually caused significant hypertension, which means that blood pressure actually increased, not decreased!  However, this effect was only witnessed in the female rats; according to the study: “males supplemented with taurine did not show an increase in systolic, diastolic, or mean arterial pressure.” Interestingly, both genders showed taurine administration still caused significant tachycardia, so it was suggested that the acute (a higher dose all at once) supplementation of taurine still had the health benefit of lowering their blood pressure overall. Only in females did it raise the blood pressure.

The limits are that no study was done on taurine administration to hypertensive rats. Also, there is no proof that what happens in rats will carry over to humans, but that taurine does indeed affect GABA-A receptors is well known, so more research needs to be done about the connection between taurine and blood pressure in humans. As always, be sure to discuss any supplementation of taurine or other amino acids with your doctor first.

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