Amino Acid Information Center posted a record month both in terms of the number of visitors and page views.  The number of page views jumped by a whopping 59.1% month-over-month to a new record – an annualized level of more than 300,000 views.

Amino Acid Information Center is a news portal focusing on an underserved niche market: amino acids. Amino Acids are the end products of protein digestion. Proteins provide the structure for all living things. Just as with medicinal mushrooms, most people are not aware of the powerful health benefits of amino acid therapies.

Instead of having to rely on dietary supplement companies’ marketing claims, or go through multiple scientific websites full of clinical trial data and other medical information, Amino Acid Information Center does the work for you and places all that information under one roof… in plain English!

You can search Amino Acid Information Center either by choosing the amino acid you are interested in or by selecting a health problem that you want to focus on.  Health problems are grouped into twelve different major categories, including but not limited to cancer, cardiovascular health, exercise and fitness, diabetes, mental health and sexual issues.

Amino Acid Information Center was launched in December, 2012.  In the following seven months, this news portal has increased its page view count by almost 1,000%.  The 59.1% monthly growth rate in July is not an anomaly.  In fact, Amino Acid Information Center’s page views doubled from May to July – in just 60 days.

Amino Acid Information Center helps people understand how to improve their health with amino acids

“The Amino Acid Information Center provides its readers a great overview of amio acids and their health benefits,” says Jukka Tolonen, President of National Nutraceuticals, Inc., the company behind Amino Acid Information Center and several other online health news portals.

“Almost all of the articles on our site are based on publicly available clinical trials, often publicized and listed in the National Institutes of Health database.  Our job is to take the scientific ‘jargon’ and translate it into plain English for our readers.  Pharmaceutical companies do not have any financial incentive promoting amino acid products as they cannot be patented.  Companies selling amino acid products, on the other hand, cannot always use university level clinical trials conducted by third parties in their marketing, due to complex FDA regulations.  As a result, consumers have very few sources for amino acid related health information.  I believe this is clearly contributing to our growth. As more and more people learn about our service, our visitor volumes continue to balloon,” states Tolonen.

Even though most articles on Amino Acid Information Center are based on publicly available medical studies, clinical trials or other scientific information, information on our site is not a substitute for medical advice.  Please consult your doctor before using any mushroom related products. Do not discontinue, change or start a treatment program without consulting your physician first.