he amino acid Leucine is a popular dietary supplement, used in many sports drinks to promote muscle growth and endurance. But is it possible that Leucine supplement burns fat and fights obesity? A study from the University of Tennessee looked into the effects of a leucine/Vitamin B6 supplement on preventing the devastating effects of obesity.

Obesity rates are so high now that the World Health Organization considers it to be an epidemic. It increases the likelihood of developing many serious health problems. So what can we do about it?

Researchers Michael Zemel and Antje Bruckbauer (University of Tennessee) developed a clinical trial to examine various factors including oxidative stress. They hoped to prove the effectiveness of a leucine/Vitamin B6 supplement (NuFit active blend) in improving fat_oxidation. Fat oxidation is best described as burning fat, or energy, in our bodies. And if we don’t burn the fat, but instead store too much fat—if we are obese–we will develop oxidative_stress.

Oxidative stress is thought to be involved in the development many diseases, including cancer, and heart failure. Targeting obesity therefore significantly reduces the risk of developing a wide variety of health problems.

The four week clinical trial involved 20 obese subjects. They were given either the supplement containing the amino acid leucine or a placebo three times every day. The NuFit Leucine supplement was dissolved into black tea to disguise the flavor.

Leucine is widely available, found in foods like soybeans, beef, and peanuts. It’s also a popular food additive, and is classified as a flavor enhancer.

Amino acid leucine increases fat oxidation and burns fat

The study had impressive results. The NuFit Leucine supplement increased fat oxidation, and significantly reduce oxidative stress. It also led to a 43% decrease in triglyceride content. This means the supplement tested will be a valuable method of managing and even preventing obesity.