L-Glutamine is essential in treating irritable bowel syndrome, also called IBS. L-Glutamine is the main source of energy for the cells that make up your intestinal lining. The cells that make up the lining of your intestines manufacture mucus that dictates the permeability of your intestine walls.  This is often referred to as ‘leaky gut syndrome’ and is associated with irritable bowel syndrome.  

IBS or irritable bowel syndrome is a disease that affects many people and it has a spectrum of symptoms that make it difficult to diagnose and very hard to treat.  Stress, antibiotics and various other factors have been noted to have been frequent factors in the onset of IBS.  These factors may also lower the amount of L-glutamine in the body and cause the intestines, an area of the body that requires L-glutamine to regulate and function, to go short.

L-Glutamine for IBS and other Health Benefits

The results of stress or other factors that can upset the flora of the intestine are that they can become damaged and they are unable to repair themselves without sufficient quantities of L-glutamine to repair them. Once the intestines are repaired, L-glutamine helps to keep them in a state that is less stressed, less permeable and in better health.

L-glutamine also absorbs water from the bowels and transports it into the cells of the body where it can be utilized properly, this stops diarrhea, a common complaint from people suffering from Irritable bowel syndrome.

Natural sources of L-glutamine include cabbage, beets, beef, chicken, fish, beans and dairy. If you choose to use a supplement, it can be beneficial to take L-glutamine a few hours before meals to give your intestines extra assistance.


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