There seems to be a connection between the amino acid Taurine and diabetes, representing yet another health benefit of Taurine amino acids. You see, antioxidants have been clinically shown to protect against diabetes and Taurine amino acid that is a powerful antioxidant that can help from those vulnerable to type 2 diabetes.

Taurine Benefits for Diabetics

Subjects given amino acid Taurine and tiotaurine showed improved kidney function and a decreased in all signs of diabetes, including hypo and hyperglycemia.  For people battling diabetes, measuring blood sugar levels can be an all-consuming part of their lives.  Blood sugar levels are affected by illnesses even as mild as a cold or other infection and cause a range of symptoms from fatigue and dehydration to death.  Having a blood sugar reading that is off can also damage organs such as eyes, heart and kidneys.

About one third of people who have had diabetes for fifteen years will develop kidney disease.  Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney disease. The tiny blood vessels that transport wastes through the kidneys are quickly destroyed by high glucose levels. The kidneys are filters that are meant to remove waste and fluids and if the blood vessels become damaged the waste products build up in the body instead voiding from the body.

Taurine can help with such wide spread complications of diabetes. Taurine is produced by your body and you can get more by eating foods like meats and seafood. Taking taurine amino acid dietary supplements can ensure that you get the health benefits that it offers, especially if you suffer from diabetes.  Improving the health of your blood vessels is beneficial for everyone but it is necessary for the quality of life of diabetics.  This important health benefit of taurine amino acid is one that can decrease dependency on dialysis and the degradation of the many organs affected by diabetes and inhibited blood flow.

Look for a high quality taurine supplement to take advantage of the many health benefits of Taurine! For more information of the health benefits of Taurine, especially as it relates to diabetes, click the attached link to the scientific study.


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