Amino Acid Information Center was launched in December 2012.  Its goal is to bring you the latest news and research relating to amino acids and amino acid therapies.  Instead of having to rely on dietary supplement companies’ marketing claims, or go through multiple scientific websites full of clinical trial data and other medical information, Amino Acid Information Center does the work for you and places all that information under one roof… in plain English!

Amino Acid Information Center is a service of National Nutraceuticals, Inc. is a Vancouver, Canada-based company that develops, operates and monetizes online properties.

The company’s first service was called the Medicinal Mushroom Information Center at  The online portal collects cutting edge, university-level scientific research information on health benefits of various medicinal mushrooms and their active ingredients.  The website’s growth has been impressive and the number of its page views has increased at a rate of 15% to 60% per month. In December 2012 alone, its page view count went up by 28% month-over-month and continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

The first corporate news portals were launched in February 2013. If you would like to gain a commanding position in your industry, contact us and let us help you make it happen.